WhatsApp Solutions for Marketplaces

The future of buyer-seller conversations

Create a better, safer, more transparent experience for buyers and sellers using the world’s most popular messaging platform.

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Call Tracking for Marketplaces

Create a better experience

WhatsApp Solutions for Marketplaces lets you facilitate conversations between buyers and sellers with the click of a button, making it simpler and more convenient for them to connect with each other.

Call Tracking for Marketplaces

Improve your analytics

Facilitate WhatsApp conversations while retaining visibility over the whole process, letting you see the phone numbers of participants and the outcomes of conversations.

Call Tracking for Marketplaces

Keep your users safe

Because WhatsApp Solutions for Marketplaces gives you visibility of the phone numbers involved in a conversation, you can prevent spam and improve the capabilities of your trust & safety teams.

Past Marketing

How WhatsApp chats between buyers & sellers worked in the past...

Click to chat

A prospective buyer clicks on a button to start a conversation with a seller, after which you (the marketplace) have no further visibility.

What was trackable

When the button was clicked

Past Marketing
New Marketing

How WhatsApp chats work today...

WhatsApp Solutions for Marketplaces

WhatsApp Solutions for Marketplaces allows you (the marketplace) to facilitate the introduction between a buyer and a seller, making it simple and easy for them to communicate while keeping both parties safe and gaining valuable analytics.

What is trackable today

How many times a conversation was started/ attempted

The ability for a conversation to be linked back to an exact ad

The phone number of whoever joins the conversation

When the seller responds to the buyer/ enquiry

The media shared in the conversation

How long the conversation continued for

The phone number of whoever leaves the conversation, and when they left

Validate Buyers

Validate buyers before they start a WhatsApp conversation

If you would like to verify a buyer before you allow them to start a conversation, talk to us about how our API can give you greater control over who is able to start conversations and with whom they are able to start them.

Easy to implement API

WhatsApp Solutions for Marketplaces is available through our easy-to implement API, allowing you to start facilitating convenient conversations with enhanced safety and improved analytics right away.

Get in touch to find out everything it can do for your business.